FRCA Success Strategy

H E A D - Faculty

The revision day faculty are a unique bunch. They share an extraordinary determination to make a difference and give up their weekend time to do it.


They usually include anaesthetists working in Yorkshire’s East Coast School of Anaesthesia and are drawn from the consultant body and the post fellowship registrar group. On occasion, we have also had brilliant pre-fellowship registrars share their learning strategies.


The revision days provide an ideal teaching opportunity and scope for creative, interactive and exam oriented teaching. You will also receive a peer critique and participant feedback for your portfolio. Spending time with keen participants and motivated peers is a rewarding way of spending your SPA time!


The revision day program is now jointly organised by Dr. Oditta Vijayakumar, Consultant Anaesthetist at Hull and Dr. Umakanth Kempanna, ST7 Anaesthetic Trainee.


If you are interested in a teaching opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Revision day provides concise exam preparation and revision in an enjoyable atmosphere.  
The best parts of the revison day so far would be the great opportunity to do a MCQ paper with 5 others and mark with an experienced SpR who had clearly done his homework, identifying all controversal points to discuss. It also allows a environment where peers can explain concepts in an understandable way. VIVA marathons are vital preparation of the SOE with an examiner who can change his tone and style to give you a good feel of different examiners techniques and those ackward silences.  
Revision days are easily accessable to all and very useful for preparation.  
Dr Alison Storey - CT2, East coast School of Anaesthesia


I highly recommend the FRCA Head Start Revision Days. The course is of a very high standard. The content is in-depth and detailed. It is primarily aimed at those wishing to pass the Primary FRCA examination but it is very worth while for revision of basic sciences for the Final Examination.  
Alex Day - ST4, East coast School of Anaesthesia


I have benefited a lot. I can simply say without exaggeration that without attending these revision days, I could not have passed my Primary exam. I came to know pet exam viva questions and my concepts about lots of topics got cleared. I liked two way discussions and actual Viva practice about the exam the most.  
Hasaan Ahmed - ST3, East coast School of Anaesthesia